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One of the hardest blocks to getting things done, is not knowing where to start. And if it isn't that, it is being overwhelmed with the sheer workload.

Today, I'm going to gently remind you to just get something done. Just something. Not all of the things. Not even many things. Just 'something'.

And I am going to propose that your 'something' is this thing:

Take a piece of paper. Even a post-it note.

Write 1-3 down one side of the paper.

Now, think of one of the things that need to get done urgently. Is it big? Or is it smaller?

If it is small, write it down.

If it is big, break it down.

Once you have three ACHIEVABLE tasks, draw a line underneath. You can add a 4 and even 5 if you wish under the line. But your aim for right now are those three tasks.

Why aim for three?

  1. It is achievable - even the busiest of us can get three things done a day. And if you can't, perhaps your task sizes are still too big.

  2. It is memorable - let's face it, we don't walk around with a list all day, and your post it note will likely stay in your planner, on your desk, on your fridge.... 3 is easy to remember. And easy to remember means easy to get done.

  3. It feels accomplished - Getting one or two things done is great, but there is something about the number 3. When you bust through that third task, you FEEL productive. And when you feel productive, you often feel motivated to keep going, or at the very least, you feel accomplished. 

Now of you go - you have stuff to do! Go do your number one, then your 2, then your 3. And if you end up feeling super motivated, have a crack at 4 and 5....but if you don't, shift 4 and 5 to your list tomorrow.

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