A Quick

Procrastination Buster

A Quick Procrastination Buster

February 25th, 2019

One of the most requested topics - how do I beat procrastination?

Ironically I actually started this post in October of 2018.

Even more ironic is that when I was writing this post, I was actually supposed to be doing something else.

Before we start on how to beat procrastination, we first have to know exactly what it is.

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. I find that amusing because the very definition of procrastination involves an action...when we so often relate procrastination to inaction.

Why do procrastinate? Maybe it is over feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Perhaps it's fear of failure or the task itself is stepping outside of your comfort zone. Or perhaps it is just not motivating. It may be something you just plain don't want to do, or are simply not inspired to do it.

Whatever the reason for procrastination, my simple little procrastination buster is this:


Yep. Just 7.

Commit to 7 minutes of going hard at the task. Not even completing the task. Just 7 minutes of 'go time'.

Why 7? It's longer than 5 and shorter than 10. I kid you not. Sometimes 10 minutes actually seemed like a commitment to me. So I would often put off ten minute tasks for when I had a spare 15 or 20....I know, it doesn't make sense - but that's how my mind works. I need prep time. If I do ten minutes of exercise, I need another 5 minutes to get changed, another 5 to set up/pack up....suddenly it's a 20 minute commitment.

But 7? I can do that in my underwear.

Can you commit to 7 minutes?

Of course you can!

Name the task.

Tell your brain 'alright, let's do this!'

Set a timer.

And GO!

The seven minutes will be up before you know it...and you know what? Often I find I just keep going. Why? Because seven minutes is nothing, and you got over your mental hurdle of starting.

Keep an eye out for my next podcast on procrastination busting!

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