Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

September 24, 2018

Have you noticed that New Year's resolutions build up anticipation towards the end of December? "This next year I'm going to --->"

And then January hits, and let's face it - nobody feels like doing anything on the 1st. We'll start tomorrow, right?

Then comes the second and "YES! This is the new me! Look at me fly!"

Day 3: I've so got this.

Day 4: Again. Smashing it. And the best part is, this is a lifestyle.

Day 5: I'm awesome. I can sooooo keep this up when work goes back.

Day 6: Look at this! Work day AND winning.

Day 7: Yeah, I'm not going to lie, I'm tired....but I'm still doing this.

Day 8: Everyone has been complimenting me. Because goals.

Day 9: Bugger. Overslept.

Day 10: Fri-yay!!! I've been so good this week, I'm going to celebrate.

Day 11: *hits snooze*

Day 12: I freaking earned this rest day. You need a rest day.

Day 13: Ugh....Monday?

....and so it continues. Before you know it, it's March and you're all like 'what resolution?'.

Did you know that less than 10% of people stick to their resolutions? And more than 40% of resolutions have gone by the way side after the first month. In fact, only about 50% of people actually have faith that they will stick to their resolutions in the first place! Can you believe it? Half of the population believe they will fail before they even start.

So does that mean you shouldn't bother with resolutions? No way! I'm suggesting you don't bother waiting until January 1. There are a whole bunch of other days that are just as worthy of a fresh start. In fact, there are about 364 of them.

If we hang everything on one day of the year, that reset button is a mighty long way off. But if you value each day as a fresh start - you can reset as many times as you want. Your little cheat day, or cheat week even, becomes a hiccup in the scheme of things.

So what is that one thing you are going to start today? Maybe it's something you started in January, but life happened. Pick it back up. Maybe it is something new altogether. Don't wait until January 1st - start today.

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