Take Some Time For You

Take Some Time for You

19th November, 2017

Sometimes a Saturday can be a busy blur - either you've collapsed in an exhausted heap, or it's the day you have set aside to get all of the non-teachery things done; whether it's meeting up with friends, catching up on housework, finishing marking the stuff you didn't get to do before.....

Then comes Sunday. Suddenly you're confronted with the to-do list and you're cursing the fact that you chose high tea with the girls over report writing....

I'm going to challenge you to stop.

In teaching, the years fly faster each time. The weekends even more so. The to do list never gets entirely ticked off (and if it does you can be assured you're probably missing something!). It is possible for your life to truly revolve around teaching. Which is why you need to stop. Even for 5 minutes. Go paint your nails. Have that glass of wine. The bubble bath. Go for a walk. Whatever floats your boat....do that. At least once a week. It is good for recharging you.

Sorry to say, but hanging out with a buddy doesn't count. This is on top of your social life. Time with people is exhausting, and you spend your entire week with little people. Hanging out with more people (grown ups) is important, but it isnt 'me time'.

So pick up your favourite polish and get to those digits. Boss babes have awesome nails anyway. ;)

Xxx Cat