What to do in the Face of Adversity

What to do in the Face of Adversity

January 31st, 2019

Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes, however it can usually be boiled down to 3 main categories:

1. Time

2. Circumstance

3. People

In the case of time, we are forced to prioritise. What is of most importance? What can be achieved in the time given? Or perhaps it is simply that the timing is wrong - in which case we need to whip out our superpower of patience - and maybe strategise or plan for the future.

Circumstances are a little trickier - because there is very little we can do to influence them. What matters here is how we react to our circumstances. What blocks are in the way? Or what potential obstacles can you see? How can you be proactive in overcoming them? By taking a little time out to consider solutions assists us in being more proactive to our circumstances - and ensuring our reactions are positive.

Then there are people. Occasionally it is people in our life that can be our biggest obstacles. When dealing with people you have 2 options:

1. Break the relationship, or

2. Get creative.

If it is a toxic relationship and you do not have to take part in it - don't! Life is too short to invest in relationships that will not yield a healthy return.

If it is a relationship that you cannot break (work, family etc) then you will need to get a bit creative. What exactly makes the relationship toxic? And is it something you need to do something about (report it, therapy etc)? Or is it a causal spiral that perhaps it is not so much the person's actions, but your reactions that is a problem? How can you combat negative thinking? How can you perhaps limit time with that person? Are there guidelines and/or restrictions you can put in place?

You see, when dealing with adversity, you need to come up with an action plan. All plans take time to not only think about and develop, but to also implement. Take some time out so that you can experience some success in the face of adversity.

Sometimes it helps to talk through an action plan with someone who is completely detached from the situation. If your goal is to overcome adversity - contact me to see how I can help you achieve success.

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