Turn Good Intentions into Great Results

Turn Good Intentions into Great Results

October 8th, 2018

We all have good intentions. Whether it is something to benefit ourselves (I will go for a run every morning before work), or to benefit others (I will visit aunt Gretel every second weekend in the nursing home). It may be something big (I will launch my business idea and retire by 30) or small (I will launch that new blog).

But how many of our good intentions never really move on from there? Or they may start, but not gain traction?

What is the difference between a good intention and a great result?

It is the tense.

A good intention rests in the future. It is something that hasn't come to pass. Something that has potential, but hasn't been realised. Once it has been actioned, it is no longer an 'intention' - and often it then relies on our motivation to gain traction and our perseverance to keep momentum.

But Great Results? That's something else. Great results have a hint of past tense - something has come to pass. Something has worked. There has been success.

So how do we turn Good Intentions into Great Results? Motivation and perseverance are great, but they are only half of the story. All Great Results come from hard work and grit, but they also usually require a plan to ensure success.

So what is your 'Good Intention'? What is one thing you have been thinking of doing that will mean a benefit to you, or someone else, or even a broader community? Name it.

Now flip it into a goal. Get rid of the 'I will......' and replace it with 'I have....' Even though the success hasn't come to pass yet, there is power in your words. Believe that you will succeed and you have already fought half of the battle in your own mind.

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